Q: What is Shoulder to Lean on? 


Shoulder to Lean on is an open platform that offers a place for those seeking guidance and support with grieving after the loss of a loved one. It was created as a safe haven for those going through difficult times and needing a place to express their feelings of grief, sadness, and to be able to share stories of a loved one. 


Shoulder to Lean on is to give others a chance to connect with other individuals who are also seeking comfort after the loss of a loved one. Connecting with others who understand and have familiarity of their feelings creates a positive environment and an open place to talk.


Regardless if a person has lost a parent, sibling, or spouse we all need to feel comforted and supported in all aspects when it comes to grief. It’s important for those seeking comfort to know that they are not alone in this world going through the same stages of grief and loss as they are. I find that when an individual can relate to another person who has gone through a similar situation as they have there’s certain level of trust and reassurance that no one less can feel and understand but them. 


After my mother’s passing, I, too was on the search to find guidance, support, and comfort from others outside of my immediate family. But, to my disappointment and after numerous google searches I was unable to find anything close to a blog or site that is as open and straight-forward as this blog is. I created this blog not only to be able express my own emotions and feelings, but to be able to read others stories of their loved ones that they have lost and the struggles that tie with it. I want to know how others have coped with their feelings of grief in comparison to myself and all the other attributes that come with the loss of a loved one.


My goal for this platform is to give hope to those who are having a hard time finding it. To spread kindness and love for those who need it. And, to always remember the real reason why we are here in the first place all while shining light in the direction towards healing and providing friendship through a Shoulder to Lean on. 

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